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Hannah & Andrew 13.08.11

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting at the wedding of Hannah and Andrew in Peterborough (well, Whittlesey and Thorney). I have a number of mutual friends with Hannah and she had asked me to film the wedding after seeing my short edit of our friends Jake & Fiona’s wedding.

There was a lot to capture at this wedding as the couple had spent a lot of time and energy personalising every aspect of the day so I was very aware to try and capture the attention to detail that was obviously important to their day. One of the themes of the day was birds and when we were discussing the video details and requirements before the big day they’d asked that maybe the short video edit could be set to a soundtrack of Blackbird by the Beatles. The song is barely more than 2 minutes long so I did a slight edit to song the to increase the time but I still didn’t have much time to squeeze in a lot of the details of the day therefore the short edit only takes us up to the couple leaving the church. In the case of this wedding I think the longer documentary edit of the day will be more pleasing to Hannah and Andrew as I wont be restricted with a time limit allowing me make the most of the detail of the day.

Here’s the long edit of the wedding…

Here are some stills from the video too…

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So here’s how it started…

Hello readers! My name’s Michael and I’ve been working as a freelance video editor in Leeds for a few years and since being introduced to wonderful video capabilities of a few of the Canon DSLR models I started doing some research and closely following the massive boom and excitement around these cameras. At the beginning of 2011 I finally convinced my wife that it would be a sensible thing to allow me to buy one of these Canon cameras and since then I have set up TopRoom Productions combining the new camera with my editing and production experience.

I had done a little research and found that, unlike in the US, there was a lack of quality wedding video companies in UK, with the exception of a few. I had been invited to a wedding in February and saw it as a great opportunity to test out my wedding video chops! As I wasn’t any kind of official videographer I pretty much just shot what I thought I could get away with without getting in anyone’s face or being too intrusive. I was quite happy with the results even though I learnt a lot in the process and actually managed to get another wedding job from it!

Here’s the short edit I did of the day up to the meal.