So here’s how it started…

Hello readers! My name’s Michael and I’ve been working as a freelance video editor in Leeds for a few years and since being introduced to wonderful video capabilities of a few of the Canon DSLR models I started doing some research and closely following the massive boom and excitement around these cameras. At the beginning of 2011 I finally convinced my wife that it would be a sensible thing to allow me to buy one of these Canon cameras and since then I have set up TopRoom Productions combining the new camera with my editing and production experience.

I had done a little research and found that, unlike in the US, there was a lack of quality wedding video companies in UK, with the exception of a few. I had been invited to a wedding in February and saw it as a great opportunity to test out my wedding video chops! As I wasn’t any kind of official videographer I pretty much just shot what I thought I could get away with without getting in anyone’s face or being too intrusive. I was quite happy with the results even though I learnt a lot in the process and actually managed to get another wedding job from it!

Here’s the short edit I did of the day up to the meal.


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