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Danby Castle venue

Hopefully you’ve already seen the video of Mark & Jude’s lovely day in North Yorkshire, well I got an email from Danby Castle to say they “absolutely loved” the video and thought that it “really showed Danby Castle in a true light”. It’s always nice to get nice feedback like that but they went to ask if they could feature the video on their website, to which I quickly responded “Yes please!”.

Obviously it’s nice to get any sort of free extra advertisement but I really must say that Danby Castle is certainly one of the finest wedding venue locations I’ve had to pleasure of going to. It’s location in historic ruins which survey the wonderful vistas of the North Yorkshire countryside are second to none but furthermore the staff, food (we had a gorgeous afternoon tea with possibly the nicest warm pork pies I’ve ever tasted!!), wedding decorations and overall facilities are great.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Danby Castle to anyone considering their wedding location.

Here’s a link to their website